J!-Judisk Kultur i Sverige in cooperation with Moriska Paviljongen, Re:Orient, Judisk Krönika and Berns Salonger present Judisk Vår i Malmö och Stockholm- Jewish Cultural Season in Malmö and Stockholm. 
February 7- May 11 2015

This extensive program puts in focus the important role that minorities could and should play in society, using the multifaceted Jewish culture as starting point for the discussion. The program has a distinct bridge-building purpose that calls for an open dialogue and exchange, and that emphasizes the connection between diversity and creativity. 

The programs present scholars, writers, musicians and artists from Sweden and abroad that will participate in roundtable discussions, debates, concerts and workshops. 

It is divided into four topics strongly connected to Jewish identity but relevant to other minorities and to society in general: Relationships (Feb. 7-8), Mobility (March 7-8), Words (April 11-13) and Memory (May 10-11).

Relationships will examine relationships between one human being to him/herself as well as to the 'other' and to God. It will deal with relationship among minorities with focus os Muslim-Jewish relationships. 

Mobility will examine kosmopolitan culture and creativity, universalism and the necessity to act and interact with the world outside one’s own group. On an existential level, it is about stretching one’s personal borders beyond oneself, beyond the social and cultural boundaries which one is born with. 

Words will examine the important role that texts, philosophy and literature, play in forming an identity. Words as common narrative that goes beyond religious orientation and geographical borders. 

Memory will examine the collective memory of a group and the common memory code shared by it. It will explore the idea of individual responsibility to the common memory, carrying on the memory and being a part of a chain.

Additional programs include: 
Utanförskap och Kreativitet i Sverige 1900-1930:
Pergament-Grünewald -Josephson 

Borders- Place- Identity 
Discussion among visual artists

Films & more 

Detailed program and ticket information will soon follow.

Shana Tova

Design: Cecilia Undemark-Peterfy

Photo: Karl Gabor


Jewish Vienna - The Formation of Modernity

            - An extraordinary success



Jewish Vienna- The Formation of Modernity

22/3  2014 Moderna Museet  23/3 2014 Berns Salonger

The Complete Program, opening keynote and concluding remarks by Eric Kandel,  6 round table discussions and music, is now available on youtube







Music: E. Korngold, F. Kreisler, G. Mahler, A. Schönberg.

David Frühwirth, Jacob Kellermann,  Anna Larsson, Henrik Måwe, Johanna Persson, Christian Svarfvar, Torleif Thedéen and Staffan Scheja.



The international conference and cultural program Jewish Vienna – The Formation of Modernity 
(22/3 Moderna Museet & 23/3 Berns Salonger) is broadcasted on Axess TV as follows:

7-11 April at 22:50 and 9-13 April at 13:30. Reruns of the program will follow.  

Each episode represents one panel discussion.


Connect to Axess Play: http://axess.se/tv/PlayProgram.aspx?id=3920

To watch part 1: http://axess.se/tv/player.aspx?id=3921

To watch part 2: http://axess.se/tv/player.aspx?id=3922

To watch part 3: http://www.axess.se/tv/vodplayer.aspx?vod=239 

To watch part 4: http://www.axess.se/tv/vodplayer.aspx?vod=291


Photo: Karl Gabor

See more photos here

The program publication that includes rich photo material and enlightening articles by Steven Beller, Fredric Bedoire, Lars Dencik, Allan Janik, Eric Kandel and Christian Witt-Dörring can be purchased for 150 kr (including postal fees) via info(at)judiskkultur.se

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Distinguished participants from Sweden and abroad

Outstanding musicians

Professional creative, administrative and technical teams

Partners in Sweden and abroad

Fantastic audience


Special thanks to Hugo Lagercrantz whose great efforts made it possible for us to have Eric Kandel here in Stockholm.

Read an article in Expressen: ”Judehat normaliseras”, by Jackie Jakubowski (in Swedish).

Read an article in Dagens Nyheter: ”Dagen då Stockholm förvandlades till sekelskiftets Wien”, by Björn Wiman (in Swedish).



Jewish Classics

The series Jewish Classics puts in focus musical and artistic aesthetics from
a special Jewish perspective. It examines the various innovative expressions
in relation to the social and cultural context of the period in which they were
created. Each program in the series offers an in depth examination to both
its historical background and contemporary relevance. A recurrent theme in
the series is the relationship between being the ‘Other’ and Creativity, a
highly relevant theme in our changing society.


Previous programs in the series include Mahler & Schönberg (2011),
Kosmopolit (2012), White Night (2013) and From Bach to Reich (2013).